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The WuInstall license is valid for the licensed number of machines for one year from the date the subscription fee was paid.

How does licensing work if I am a IT service company and want to provide WuInstall to my customers?

If you are doing the patching as a service to your customers and WuInstall is also not used any more if they are not serviced by you any more, it is fine if you buy the WuInstall subscription for your company and use it on the machines of your customers, just count the number of machines of all your customers.

If the customers are doing the patching themselves and you are just providing them with the software (reselling it to them), then each customer needs a separate license, but you can contact us for a reseller discount!

How to calculate licenses if I only use WuInstall once per machine (e.g. for initial setup)?

If you a computer repair company or deliver pre-installed clients to your customers and are using WuInstall on every delivered machine just once, just take the average number of patched machines per month (or patched machines per year divided by 12) to calculate the number of machines to be licensed for your subscription.